What is Outsourcing?

shutterstock_64124008What is Outsourcing?:   This article reveals what outsourcing is and how to approach it from a more powerful perspective.  This article is part of our free 8-Part Guide to Outsourcing.

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The word ‘outsourcing’ can be a bit of a taboo, because, let’s face it, we’ve all had those bad outsourcing experiences.  You know, that time when you urgently needed customer service support and got routed to someone halfway across the world.  If you were lucky, they were helpful.  But most likely, you were connected with someone that didn’t understand your problem, or even worse, barely understood English.

 This is not the kind of outsourcing I’m talking about.

 The main reason outsourcing has gotten such a bad rap is because it’s too often approached from a fundamentally flawed premise.  Companies often perceive outsourcing as shipping off projects to some foreign country to have some random cheap labor do the work – quality be damned.  This approach is simply a recipe for mediocrity (or worse… disaster).   It is also a disrespectful attitude towards cultures that are highly valuable, truly fascinating, and ultimately capable of becoming an invaluable part of your team.

 The best approach to outsourcing is what I like to refer to as ‘insourcing’.  It’s a more holistic approach based on understanding the strengths (and weaknesses) within the cultures you’re working in and leveraging that to form mutually beneficial relationships.   So instead of shipping projects off to some random outsourcing company with high-turnover that’s not personally invested in your vision, we instead focus on incorporating individual members into your team so that they become a part of your business.  In other words, we focus on finding the ‘win-win’ for everyone and bring the workers ‘in’ your team instead of keeping them ‘out’.

 Because, while the labor may be cheap overseas, the people sure aren’t!

 And if you’re able to approach outsourcing from this positive perspective, you’ll find an amazing opportunity to build a team that will give you more then you ever imagined and help you grow your company faster, cheaper, and better then you could without it!

 So, how does it work? And what are the benefits of it?

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