What Can You Outsource?

Stressing day at workWhat Can You Outsource?   This article reveals the best work for outsourcing. How many areas are in your company are prime for outsourcing?  How many of them are you aware of and benefiting from? This article is part of our free 8-Part Guide to Outsourcing.

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I’d love to say that you can outsource ‘everything’, but that just isn’t true.

 While there are exceptions to every rule, the best approach to outsourcing is to outsource work that fits the general strengths and values within the culture you’re outsourcing to.

 For instance, if you’re looking for the best pasta, you’d go to Italy.  If you’re wanting the most exquisite chocolates, you’d go to Belgium.  So if you’re looking to outsource work that requires efficiency and precision, you’d focus on a region that has efficiency as an inherent societal and cultural value.

 This means that the same region that you’d go to for strengths in engineering, technology, math, and science, might not be the same region you’d focus on for creative and graphics design work.  Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but it’s not worth the time and effort to focus on exceptions.

So how do you figure out what work you can consider for outsourcing?  There are some general basic ‘qualities’ that define the work best suited for it.  When you think about your business, what work do you have that is

  • Time consuming, repetitive tasks that drain valuable time from your high-level managers that can be delegated and supervised instead.

  • Well-defined work with clear and direct goals, objectives, and tasks.

  • Measurable work that can be reviewed and quantified on a weekly basis.

  • Report-based or product-driven work where success can be proven and measured.

 These qualities can be applied to any number of areas within your business.  The following are just a few general ideas to get you thinking:

  • Tech and Programming
  • Customer Service
  • Editorial and Content sourcing
  • SEO and Site Promotion
  • Quality Assurance
  • Comment Moderation
  • Finance and Bookkeeping
  • Community Management
  • Transcription and Documentation
  • Research and Analytics

These are just a few areas that can easily be outsourced.  Together, I’m sure we can think of many more specific to your business!

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