Outsourcing Misconceptions

myth versus realityOutsourcing Misconceptions:   Are you familiar with the most common myths, mistakes, and misconceptions of outsourcing?  Learn about them here so you can make outsourcing work for you.  This article is part of our free 8-Part Guide to Outsourcing.

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Top Myths, Mistakes & Misconceptions

We could spend a full hour on each of these hot topics, but for the sake of space and time we’re just going to give you a quick summary for now.

There are many popular misconceptions when it comes to outsourcing.  All of which are not a concern when approached with the right perspective, experience, and consideration.

Here are a few popular misconceptions and myths:

  • They don’t speak English well:

Yes, English can be a problem if you’re willing to hire someone that you can’t understand.  But why would you do that?  When you have full control over who you’re bringing into your team, anyone with poor English skills is instantly removed from the list of candidates.   Also, there are certain regional dialects that tend to speak clearer English then others.  So we hone your search to focus on regions with the clearest spoken English dialects possible and only present candidates with a native-level grasp of the English language.

  • Working remotely is difficult:

Having worked remotely with teams for many years, I found that relationships forged remotely were just as strong (if not stronger) then those forged in person.  With Instant Message, Skype calls, or GoToMeeting video conferencing, the distance is bridged instantly and deep connections can easily be formed.  The benefits also include increased productivity through focused interactions, and positive touch-points throughout the day.  You’ll never suffer from irritation due to over-exposure and will make the best out of your time working together.

  • Working in different time zones is a problem:

You have full flexibility in determining whether you want your new team member to work in the same time zone, a partially overlapping time zone shift, or a completely opposite time zone as you.  Depending upon the needs of your business, you may find it a benefit to have someone covering hours that you don’t want to be covering, or to be doing work all evening so that you have something to review together first thing in the morning.  The truth is, it truly depends on your needs and you can customize the shift to best suit yourself and your business needs.  An overseas workforce is willing to accommodate your needs and schedule accordingly.

  • Cultural differences are hard to overcome:

This issue can actually be a challenge IF you don’t have someone knowledgeable advising you on how to understand cultural subtleties and nuances.  It’s all too easy to assume that every culture is like our own.  However, this can’t be further from the truth.  In order to make outsourcing work for you completely, an advisor that intricately knows the culture you’re working with and provides training will help you easily sidestep some basic common misconceptions and challenges to make the transition as easy and productive as possible.

  • I have to travel overseas to make it work:

The first two years with my team, I never once met them in person.  So you don’t ‘have’ to ever travel to make things work well overseas.  That being said, it really is a great excuse to experience the beauty of another culture from an insider’s perspective (at least once a year), while creating bonds and memories with your team that can last a lifetime.  (Trust me, just read about our ‘mugged by monkeys’ story.  There’s no better team building exercise then this one!)

  • I have to open an overseas office:

Not true!  The best outsourcing solutions I’ve ever experienced (and the approach we recommend) is a ‘work-from-home’ model.  Since this type of solution is not as available overseas, it is a highly coveted opportunity and gives you an advantage of hiring the ‘best of the best’.  With local overseas commutes that make the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) look like an elite vacation-liner, the opportunity to work-from-home is an advantage in and of itself when hiring.  And you also find employees that are self-motivated, grateful for the opportunity to work from home, and give you their ‘all’ throughout the entire day (and night)!

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