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Tova and her first team at the Taj Mahal

Our Story:  Learn about how we got into outsourcing and some of the amazing experiences we’ve had since.  This article is part of our free 8-Part Guide to Outsourcing.

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Having spent over a decade in operations management, my foray into ‘outsourcing’ happened purely by accident.  It started when I was overseeing a project focused on time-sensitive transcription and one of our business partners happened to have been based in India.

When I began working with our partners India-based team, I couldn’t believe the efficiency. Not only were things organized to a tee, but my team quickly learned that if a file was delivered 1 minute late, we could expect a phone call exactly one minute after that inquiring about it.

After a handful of 7:01 am phone calls (and me not being much of a morning person), I was both mildly irritated and exceptionally impressed!  Soon enough, we set some new ground rules (no calls until at least 7:10 am), had a few laughs about it, and it set the stage for a beautiful long-term relationship.

At some point, after seeing how successful our partner was in India, we took a risk and made our first hire there.  I didn’t know if it would work, but I sure knew it was worth trying.  And very quickly, I learned that I had both a knack for it and a deep connection to the culture as well.

You see, in my free time, I consider myself a tried and true spiritual seeker.  And as it turned out, the many spiritual pursuits and personal values that I hold dear to my heart are more naturally and inherently a part of the Indian culture.   I’ve studied alternative healing for years, love doing yoga and qi gong, and also fundamentally believe that kindness, respect, gratitude, and appreciation towards others is the best approach to both business and life!

Now when you combine these personal values with people that can also do the best Excel spreadsheets I’ve ever seen… I nearly cried tears of joy!  (Yes, I’m a bit of a secret geek as well).  My dream team had been born.

So low and behold, I found my niche.  I found my team.  And my team found me as well.  Over the next six years, we grew exponentially.  By the time I left the company to focus on my own business, my elite hand-picked India team made up ¼ of the entire company and essentially saved the company over a million dollars annually.  And on top of that, in six years, not one person had voluntarily left my team.  So not only had I found my dream team, my dream team had found someone that they appreciated and felt understood them also.  A win-win for everyone and something that I’m excited to share with you and help you create for yourself and your business!

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