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hands-holding-globe2Best Countries for Outsourcing:  Do you know which countries are best for outsourcing?  Do you have insight into cultural differences in different regions?  This article provides some insights into the best country for outsourcing and why.

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There are numerous countries to consider when outsourcing – each with both strengths and weaknesses.  You’ve got the Philippines, Singapore, the Ukraine, and even Kenya that have emerged on the market as potential players in the outsourcing game.

That being said, when taking all factors into consideration, I still find that working with India is the most positive experience across the board.  It could be that I’m partial to the spiritual nature of the culture (I’m a hardcore fan of Yoga and alternative healing), or that I swoon at the thought of a well-done Excel spreadsheet.  Either way – India has the perfect balance of intelligence, kindness, respect, meticulous attention to detail, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that I’ve ever experienced.

On my first trip to India many years ago, I gained some valuable insights into how deeply ingrained the cultural value of efficiency was within the culture when I learned about ‘The Dabbawallah’.

What is the ‘Dabbawallah’ you ask?

The Dabbawalah's of Mumbai

The Dabbawalah’s of Mumbai

The Dabbawallah is a 125 year-old organization based in Mumbai that provides hot lunch delivery from home to workers across the city.  The Dabbawallah is comprised primarily of barely literate and barefoot delivery men and its success depends mainly on teamwork and time management.

In 2005, Harvard Business Review found the reliability of ‘The Dabbawallah’ to be that of a six sigma standard.  This means that the dabbawalas make less than one mistake in every six million deliveries.  Between 175,000 and 200,000 lunch boxes are moved by 4,500 to 5,000 dabbawalas daily, all with an extremely small nominal fee and with utmost punctuality, by a workforce that is primarily functionally illiterate.

The service is almost always uninterrupted, even on the days of severe weather such as monsoons. The local dabbawalas and population know each other well, and their success is based on deep bonds of trust, loyalty, and connection.

Business schools use the Dabbawallah as a case study on optimal efficiency and workforce management.  They are an exemplary representation of commitment, quality, efficiency, and loyalty.

If barely literate, barefoot delivery men can run and manage a workforce that outperforms most Fortune 500 companies – imagine what an educated and skilled workforce from this culture and country can do for you and your business!


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