Benefits of Outsourcing

shutterstock_138957212Benefits of Outsourcing:   This article reveals the top benefits of outsourcing. How many of them are you aware of? How many of them are you enjoying or benefiting from? This article is part of our free 8-Part Guide to Outsourcing.

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Take a moment and imagine your ‘dream team’, what would it look like?  Do any of these qualities come to mind?

  • Highly intelligent
  • Masters-level Education (or higher)
  • Loyal and dedicated
  • Committed to your company for many years with little turn-over
  • Deeply respectful of ‘the boss’
  • Kind, fun, gracious, and enjoyable to work with
  • Years of industry-related experience
  • True team players
  • Costs less than minimum wage!!

What?  Costs less than minimum wage?

YES!  Believe it or not, you can have all of the qualities above in your ultimate ‘dream team’ for less then what you’d pay someone to work at a fast food restaurant.  Which means, that for the cost of hiring one person you can hire up to 5!

Also, imagine if the greatest challenge you had with your team was having to ‘force’ them to take vacation time or had to tell them to stop working because they were working 12+ hr. days of their own volition because they were so deeply committed to you and your cause.  Have you ever had a team that was as committed as you are to your own business?  If not, would you like one?

Believe it or not, it’s easier than you think to grow that kind of team, and the benefits simply speak for themselves!

* * *

 US  India
 Education:  Bachelor’s  Master’s-level or higher
 Work Experience:  1-3 Years  5 +
 Entry-Level Salary:  $45k/year plus benefits  $10 – $15k/year total
 Work Attitude:  Entitlement  Gratitude and Respect
 Turn-over:  1-2 yrs  5 +
 Cost:  Min. $45k/year + benefits  $10 – $15k/year total

* * *

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