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man and woman giving a high fiveAs an entrepreneur, both growth and cost-savings are two factors that are likely at the  forefront of your mind when it comes to your business.  You may want to grow your business as fast as possible, while also being cautious about finances and expenses.   So how do you accomplish this without sacrificing quality?  In one word, the answer is ‘insourcing’.

What is ‘insourcing’ and how is it different from ‘outsourcing’?

‘Insourcing’, is the best way to leverage the benefits of outsourcing, while also having the benefits of a full-time direct employee.   Instead of shipping work ‘out’ overseas, we focus on bringing counterparts ‘in’ to your company in a ‘work-from-home’ model.  So, for less then minimum wage, you can bring a highly qualified professional ‘in’ to your team for ¼ of the cost.  This will allow you to either save money on a single hire OR grow your company faster by hiring more people.  And in addition to the cost savings, your new team member(s) will be highly educated and qualified professionals with years of experience.

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