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Businessman holding paper heart shapeOverseas Dream Team is a niche recruitment firm specializing in hiring candidates based overseas in a ‘work from home’ model.   We look to maximize the cost-savings of outsourcing, while side-stepping the typical problems, by hand-picking top-tier candidates for our clients.   We are committed to responsible overseas hiring focused on building loyal, long-term, and sustainable relationships with the best talent available overseas in a model we refer to as ‘insourcing’.  As opposed to simply shipping work ‘out’ overseas to unnamed people and organizations, we focus on bringing counterparts ‘in’ to organizations and building long-term relationships.  By bridging the cultural divide and working with people in all parts of the world, we create a win-win for both clients and overseas employees through an extremely positive (and cost-effective) approach to business outsourcing.


Tova Rott, Founder

Tova Rott, Founder

Overseas Dream Team was founded by Tova Rott, when she left Seeking Alpha (one of the top-rated online financial sites for stock market opinion and analysis) after having worked as Director of Operations for six years.  At Seeking Alpha, Tova single-handedly founded and grew the India-based operations for the company.  By the end of her time with Seeking Alpha, the India-team comprised more then ¼ of the entire company and had zero voluntary turn-over for a period of six years.  She found a niche working with India and has a gift for hiring ‘A’ players.

Tova decided to go out on her own and launch Overseas Dream Team after speaking with many entrepreneurs and companies that were interested in replicating the success she’d created within the India team at Seeking Alpha.  Seeing a gap in the marketplace, she struck out on her own and focused on helping companies enter this very unique market – in a unique way.  Her goal is to bridge the gap between cultures and create the ultimate ‘win-win’ for her clients and the India-based work force.

Prior to her time with Seeking Alpha, Tova worked with high profile clients such as The Jerusalem Post, Ford Motor Company, and DaimlerChrysler.

In addition to her business background, Tova is an avid writer and enjoys writing action-packed stories filled with deeper spiritual concepts and meaning.  Her spiritual inspiration comes from years of learning Jewish mystical traditions as well as training in various alternative-healing modalities – including ThetaHealing, acupressure, and energy healing.  She also enjoys yoga, Qi Gong, and other meditation practices.

In her spare time, Tova also enjoys horseback riding and learns to train horses.  She has a B.A. from the University of Michigan with additional coursework from Harvard University and is also a member of Mensa.

Tova has spent over seven years living in Jerusalem, Israel.  Currently, she spends part of the year in New York and the rest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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