The Dream Team Difference!

Hiring in a foreign culture can be a challenge. There are multiple factors, nuances, and subtle cues that need to be taken into consideration to do it successfully. We guide you through the process to make sure you get all of the benefits of hiring overseas without any of the risks.


For Clients

As an entrepreneur or corporate manager, you may want to grow as fast as possible, while also being cautious about finances and expenses. So how do you accomplish this without sacrificing quality? In one word, the answer is ‘insourcing’.


For Candidates

We're always looking for top-level talent to join our roster of candidates. If you're a smart, hard-working, self-starter that thrives in fast-paced environments, then contact us here. We'll then request your CV and reach out to you if we've got any open positions that fit your qualifications.


Are you ready for your Overseas Dream Team?

Overseas Dream Team turns outsourcing on its head through a new approah called 'insourcing'. Instead of shipping work 'out' overseas to unnamed people, we focus on bringing counterparts 'in' to your company in a 'work-from-home' model. Geared towards growing start-ups or lean and mean corporate divisions, our approach is cost effective, globally responsible, and creates a 'win-win' on both sides of the ocean.


"After wasting time weeding through agencies and freelancers who would promise the moon but deliver trash, I hired Overseas Dream Team. They found me an excellent content writer who has become a wonderful part of the team. I am so happy with Overseas Dream Team." - Rana G., CEO